News Releases
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1.  3-20-2019 CRYPTO-CURRENCY INVESTOR ALERT: Securities Commission Issues Five Cease and Desist Orders to Protect Investors.
2.  2-27-2019 Alleged Securities Fraud Defendant Arrested in Miami, FL and Transported to Shelby County, AL
3.  2-25-2019 Alabama Securities Commission Participates in National Investor Awareness Campaigns
4.  2-13-2019 Judy Morehead Pleads Guilty to Securities Fraud in Henry County
5.  2-07-2019 California Resident, Terrell Chambers, Pleads Guilty to Theft By Deception.
6.  1-14-2019 State Securities Regulators are Unaffected by the Partial Shutdown of the Federal Government.
7.  1-11-2019 Hoover Resident, Kenneth Fitzgerald Lewis, to Repay Over $47,000 after Securities Fraud Plea
8.  1-02-2019 Limestone County Resident, Rodney Jackson, Arrested for Alleged Financial Exploitation of the Elderly
9.  12-12-2018 Insurance Agent, Ronald Warren Powell, Pleads Guilty to Securities and Insurance Fraud in Colbert County
10.  11-26-2018 Alabama Securities Commission Announces "IARD System Fee Waiver for Investment Adviser Firms Reduced System Fees Continued for Investment Adviser Representatives
11.  10-15-2018 Marijuana-Related Investments: Greener Pastures or Just Another Scam?
12.  10-15-2018 Alabama Securities Commission Issues Advisory - Marijuana Related Investments
13.  10-01-2018 California Resident, Vahak Dino Awadisian, Pleads Guilty to Securities Fraud in Baldwin County
14.  9-24-2018 Alabama Securities Commission cracks down on unregulated Crypto-currency Initial Offerings
15.  9-19-2018 WAtch For Scams in Florence's Wake
16.  9-06-2018 California Resident, Daniel Scott Register, Pleads Guilty to Securities Fraud
17.  8-28-2018 Alabama Securities Commission Updates Coordinated Crypto Crackdown
18.  8-22-2018 Founder of Lee County-Based Company, Kyle Geoffrey Sandler, Convicted of Securities Fraud
19.  8-10-2018 Morgan County, Alabama Man Indicted for Alleged Theft, Forgery, and Securities Fraud
20.  8-10-2018 ASC Director Borg receives a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Alabama Senior Citizens Hall of Fame